Taipei Riverside Park Flower Carnival
  January 1 - February 15 , 2023 |Mid-June to Mid-August , 2023|Mid-September to October , 2023|November - December , 2023
  Guting Riverside Park (near Yongfu Bridge)

Do you remember the touch of the sea of purple flowers in the spring of 2021? The sea of flowers at Guting Riverside Park is decorated with in-season purple and pink grass flowers such as viola, pink sage, and lavender. The earth is used as the canvas and colorful grass and flowers as color pens to create a large-scale sea of flowers that is rarely seen in a city. Accompanied by the surrounding open green space and various interesting and warm installation art, visitors can fully immerse themselves and wander in the dreamy sea of flowers to feel the breath of romantic spring.

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